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Letters From Listeners

Calling Out Rudeness
Hi Dr. Laura,

I recently had a big mouth moment (one of many, really) that I wanted to share. Unfortunately, it's the bad behavior of many that triggered it, and I doubt I made a difference. Some people are just impossible to shame.

I was with my in-laws recently and we were at a restaurant for breakfast. It was a very busy time, and there was standing room only to wait for a table. The benches were all occupied by young adults, overweight parents and their children. I stood about five feet from the door and turned my head to see an elderly woman using a cane, holding the door open with much difficulty. At the same moment, a young man blew through the door past her while SHE held the door open for HIM as he was leaving. I seriously wanted to smack him in the back of the head! I moved to get the door for her, but she was almost through at that point so I just smiled at her kindly. 

After she made it in, she looked around her to see if there was a seat available to her. I looked at these slobs on the benches and said in my best loud, utterly disgusted tone, "Really?! NOBODY is willing to give up their seat for this lady?! DISGUSTING!" I turned to her and said "Ma'am, if I were sitting, you would have my seat." There was a lady leaning on a wall and she at least moved so that this lady could rest from standing. All of those people looked away when I said that.

Dr. Laura, I am sick to see how horribly selfish people are today. I think NOTHING of calling this wretched behavior out in the open, and welcome anyone to challenge me on it. You know what they say though... Karma is a bitch. One day they'll need a seat and the brats they're raising will let THEM stand there in pain. And it will serve them right. 

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