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Letters From Listeners

Changed Careers

I'm a stay-at-home Mom. (Thank goodness.) I been a listener since my late twenties (I'm circling 50 now). When my husband I got married, we agreed, if we were ever blessed with children, I would change careers and be a mommy instead. Listening to you further backed up my resolve.

After ten years of marriage, we were blessed with a beautiful little boy. My friends thought I was crazy to leave a government job after 17 years to raise our child, but I heard you in the back of my mind and pressed forward. I only wavered after 9/11 (my son was just two-months-old) because I felt guilty not being at my job and serving my country. I decided staying home and raising a well adjusted member of society was a better service to my country and I stayed strong.

In April of 2004, my husband passed away from a freak accident at work. My son was just 2 and a half. I don't know how we could have managed if I was still working. My son had me at home as always; someone he could rely on being there. I had a routine and someone to wake up for each day. It has been a struggle, but I see a self-confident almost ten-year-old coming home each day from school and I know I did the right thing; I can't imagine who and how he would be if I was at work.

Thanks for your back up. I am thankful I am my kid's mom.


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