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Letters From Listeners

Childhood Obesity

My nephew who is 12 years old has been heavy most of his life. He loves the computer and all those hand-held games and surprisingly enough is a couch potato. He is in the 6th grade.  I am thankful to a teacher who saw something in him and cared enough for him that she talked him into playing football. The child never had any interest in sports at all, but her conversation with him, he tried out for the team and made varsity. After playing the sport for the whole season he lost 61 pounds!  He is able to get lower in his position and most important he walks now with is head held high. His self esteem improved 100%. I have told him the school should use him as an example to his fellow classmates that if you get off the couch and move you can improve your self imagine. I am so very proud of him!!


Tags: Attitude, Eat Less-Move More, Exercise, Health, Response to a Comment, self-esteem
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