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Letters From Listeners

Complete the Job Properly and Fully

Dr. Laura,

My biggest influence on my work ethic was my father. WE had certain chores that were EXPECTED, not asked of, but expected. When these were not performed, or not properly performed, we had to do them at whatever hour it was, or redo them to make sure it was done properly. He always stated it was important to do a job well, and that it was not okay to do a job half way!

If we slacked off, we were simply punished and restricted until the job was completed properly and completed fully. Of course as children you always try to do the bear minimum, but that was not acceptable - you did it completely and well. My mother was the same way, but I really feel it was watching my father work hard all his life in his outside work and his work around the home.

All three of his daughters are successful hard workers. I think he would be proud of the women and mother's we have become. I also, instilled those same values in my children. They always study hard, work hard and play well!

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