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Email of the Day

Courting Can Be Done in Many Different Ways

Hi Dr. Laura,

I wanted to tell you how amazing my husband is and that I had a revelation today about our relationship and thought of you.

We have been married for 6 years and have two sons who are 2 and 3-years-old. Recently, we took the boys to the aquarium (it’s the place we had our first date almost 8 years ago). I got very nostalgic about our dating life and how he used to court me. It had me daydreaming of our first months together and how he tried so much to impress me and be such a gentleman. I honestly got a little sad and resentful that that time is gone. I was really missing it and thinking our relationship would never be like that again.

Later that afternoon, I was at the gym running off the 30 pounds I still have on from back to back pregnancies and delivering 2 giant boys, when it hit me. My husband DOES still court me!   It just looks entirely different!

He courts me by giving me this alone time to work on my weight loss and by being completely encouraging in every effort. He courts me by eating the diet foods I cook and saying he loves my curves. He courts me by playing in the snow with our 3-year-old instead of watching football while I have some time to myself. He courts me by doing part-time consulting work on top of his full time job so I can stay home with our boys which I've desperately wanted to do!!! He courts me by spending almost all of his free time with our family or working out his hot muscles.  He courts me by going to church and putting God as the focus of his life and our marriage. Dr. Laura he DOES still court me and it looks not only different but much better than the dating life I was so missing at the aquarium.

Thanks for helping me pick a good man; you have been a tremendously positive influence on my life. Thank you for all that you do. Please never retire!



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