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Email of the Day

Daily Love Offerings

Hi Dr. Laura:

I credit you with being largely responsible for the fact that my husband and I are still honeymooning after 35 years of marriage.  We are the couple that holds hands wherever we go.  And every single day for the past five years, my husband leaves me a little present, which he calls "daily love offerings."

I work from home, and the first little gift he ever gave me was a perfect fall leaf he left on my table.  I thanked him profusely and he is (as he says) "Pavlov's husband!"  Since he got a positive reaction to that pretty leaf, he has left me a little something each day.  It might be a snack or some fresh flowers.  It might be a cozy sweatshirt or costume jewelry earrings.  If he travels, he hides the "daily love offerings" and calls me each day to tell me where to find them.  If I travel, he tucks them into my suitcase.  I pack him lunch almost every day, and write a love note in the bag.  He says we are "gentle" with each other. 

My daughter works with me in my small business, and we listen to you every day.  I am gratified to see that she has not only chosen wisely in her new marriage, but is also treating kindly, as they learn to be a strong couple.  Your influence is rippling out and touching generations.  With deep thanks,


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