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Letters From Listeners

Daughters Should Know How to Be Treated

Dear Dr. Laura,

My husband should get the award for Father of the year. My husband really spoiled our 2 daughters and I don't mean with material things.  He gave our daughters his time, attention and all of his heart.

Every evening, our daughters called him "Water Man" as he would lovingly bring them and me a glass of water to our rooms before bed.  My husband never participated in his favorite activity of golf when our children were young because he wanted to spend all his free time with his family.

He always gave me and our girls flowers for any and every occasion.  When our oldest daughter went away to college, he was ordering her a huge bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day.  I quietly remarked that maybe he shouldn't scare off any of the college boys by this large bouquet he was sending.  My thinking was that the boys would be intimidated by these flowers if the boy arrived bearing one little flower.  His response was, "I don't care.  I want my daughter to KNOW how to be treated!!" 

One of our daughters married and it was approaching her first wedding anniversary.  My husband immediately wanted to send flowers.  I quietly reminded him that it was THEIR anniversary and maybe he shouldn't compete with our new son-in-law.  He agreed, but decided we should call her new in-laws on the anniversary and tell them how grateful we were for their son and how delighted we are to be part of their family.

Now we have 2 little granddaughters who my husband has no limits on how many flowers, balloons and teddy bears he can shower on them.  For me, I'm Grammy, and I'm enjoying Skyping with the grandkids when I can't be with them.  I read them books over the Internet and have a big bag of puppets so I can put on The Grammy Show.  Aren't families wonderful!? 

Thanks for all you do to protect children, Dr. Laura.  We love you.


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