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Email of the Day

Dead Beat Dad

Dr. Laura,

I am what I call a "Dead Beat Dad."

Let me explain.

After my wife filed for a divorce I felt dead inside.

She then used the kids to beat me down, but I will always be my kids' Dad.

I called your show a while back. My wife left (with the kids) due to her not being able to "see the neighbor guy as friends".  After I decided to stand up for myself and said it was wrong, she then used the kids to get her way in the court.
To this day she still uses the kids, and the courts do not want to help.

She got what she wanted and after 2 years still seems to be mad or upset. I do not get people like this. I am sad to say after the two years, I am glad I am not married to her and the time with my children is happy and positive. We have our issues but rules are to help and they do not get their way or are spoiled. I am my kids' Dad and the time I have with them I focus on having quality time.

My ex wife can act like a highschooler trying to put people down and trying to get her way. I just pray she realizes what she is doing to the children.
I can not say this as well as you. You have given men a voice again. I pray someday what God has Created will be cherished by all. We have lost that.


Tags: Behavior, Divorce, Fatherhood, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Parenting, Respect
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