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Letters From Listeners

Divorce's Effects on Children

I heard another show on my way home today on SiriusXM. The subject was having a positive divorce. I was surprised to hear that subject.  Obviously, these talk show hosts need to listen to your show and I emailed that suggestion to them.

There were 5 of us between the ages of 7 and 18 when my parents divorced. Imagine being 11 and seeing your dad kiss another woman or seeing your mom's boyfriend spend the night and later move in, or having to alternate holidays and weekends. I am 47 and can run through a long list of how divorce affects your life. Our family suffers from alcoholism, anxiety, depression, etc. I believe what you say about choosing wisely - treating kindly, and putting your kids first. So for the divorced parents out there who think their kids are okay with the divorce, think again.

Actually, think FIRST before you marry and have children. We don't need to accept that a 50 percent divorce rate is okay or the norm. We can do better as a society and as a family.







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