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Letters From Listeners

Divorcing My Parents to Protect My Spouse

I have chosen to have no further contact with my parents and brother to protect my husband from the unfounded negative "beliefs" they express about him and the ridiculous requests they demand of my husband. My husband and I have searched for it, but there is no logical answer for why he has been framed so negatively by my parents and brother. That being said, my parents and brother love drama, chaos and self-made battles. I have explained to my husband that it has nothing to do with him personally, as this would have happened with any man I married.

So, to remove myself from my parent's grasp I have had to unravel my involvement in the family businesses. To make it easiest for my parents/brother (and I had hoped the easiest for my family), I gave back my shares in their company, requesting no payment for the shares, which I had earned while I was running the businesses for 13 years. I quickly found out that "giving shares back" is no easy endeavor. To make it worse, my parents and brother (who runs the company) have unnecessarily made the process as adversarial as possible. The process is almost completed, but they continue to make up bizarre claims about my husband and request unrelated personal details to finalize the exit of MY interaction with their business. (Sidebar: My husband has never has any involvement with their businesses).

My husband is a man of strong character in every sense of the definition. He is a caring man who understands how difficult it must be to have been tied to a biological family who are not only illogical but also lacking in the true understanding of morals and family values.

My husband knows I have his back. Any loss I have felt in letting go of my biological family, has no power over the gift I have in a solid marriage and the example my husband and I will set for our daughter.

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