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Email of the Day

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Dr. Laura:

I have tried to teach my two boys the importance of "considering the source" when someone says things that hurt their feelings.  I've told them that if someone says something unkind and that person isn't one whose opinion they value, then they should "consider the source" and move on.  Most real friends wouldn't be mean when offering advice. 

I wish some adults would "consider the source" before they get so bent out of shape about comments from people they would never consider important in their lives.  These days, we seem to be taking everything so personally, and we don't realize whose opinion really matters! 

I attribute my thought process on this to your words of wisdom, Dr. Laura.  Thank you so much for all the guidance you're not even aware you've given!  You have definitely made my marriage stronger and made me realize how important I am to my boys even now that they are young adults.


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