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Letters From Listeners

Doing The Right Thing Isn't Easy But It's Worth It

Thank you, Dr. Laura. I've been following your advice since I found Stars on my XM radio in December 2016. I'm a single mother, and thought I had to meet a man and have him in my life for a role model for my child. After making a few changes, including no more sex outside if marriage, my life has been filled with sadness and joy.

Sadness, because my significant other broke his promise to me, and found another. I guess he could not have a relationship with me without the sex. Yes, I'm very sad, but this is my time to be sad, and mourn the loss of that long relationship. I'm letting go of my old relationship behaviors. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Your Devoted Listener

Tags: Morals, Ethics, Values, Motherhood-Fatherhood, Parenting, Sex, Values
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