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Email of the Day

Dr. Laura In My Stocking

Dear Dr. Laura:

While listening to your show in December, I heard a caller mention that she played the "Dr. Laura Game."  I decided to look for it on eBay and thought I'd buy it as a stocking stuffer Christmas gift for my husband and teenage sons since they always hear me talking about you but don't really know much about you or your show.

Well, guess what?  I found it on eBay, and gave it to them, and they LOVE it, especially my 13 year old son!  It has been a wonderful vehicle for starting conversations about dating, sex, family relationships and so on.  Even though I think it was created in the 1980s, it still holds up, although I think your stance has changed on a few minor things.  

Thanks for still being an amazing role model for me and my family.


Tags: Humor, Parenting, Regarding Dr. Laura, Response to a Call
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