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Letters From Listeners

Dyslexia Encouragement

Thank you for your Labor Day marathon. I made it a point to run an errand just so I could listen while in the car. My new-driver 16-year-old dear daughter was at the wheel when you were talking to a girl and her mother regarding dyslexia. I am so appreciative of what you said to the girl. I have said those exact words to my daughter, as she is dyslexic. (You can add Steven Spielberg to your impressive list of amazing societal contributors who have dyslexia.)

When the mother thanked you and said that sometimes things sound better coming from someone other than Mom my daughter burst out laughing and said, "That is so true!" I have told my sweet girl how special she is as she does everything while doing extra gymnastics in her brain. I have offered to home school, but she is determined to continue to progress in her high school. By the way, she is in National Honor Society, takes AP and honors classes, is very creative and very astute and thoughtful.

Her older sister has a disability from a head injury but has managed to surpass expectations and is at college with accommodations making dean's list and her little sister has a gifted IEP. Sometimes my middle daughter feels down on herself as she takes a very long time to read and do homework, although generally earns her good grades through homework and projects, but not tests. With all her fancy brainwork she prevails even though the curriculum was created for the basic, general public who all learn the easy way.

Thank you for what you do. When we returned home after our Dr. Laura errand, she had a spring in her step and was super-productive in finishing her homework.


Tags: Education, High school, Parenting
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