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Email of the Day

EVERY Child Should Have A Parent At Home

With my first pregnancy, I never thought about staying at home with my children, but when my first child was born, I could not stand the idea of going back to work full time.  I did go back to work for four months while my precious baby went to a home day care.  I cried for four months until my husband and I agreed for me to work part-time.  I'm a pharmacist, so part-time work was easy to get.  Even though it wasn't ideal, it was the best we thought we could do at the time.

Fast forward to today.  My youngest daughter just had her first child.  She had been working full time before his birth but made a decision to stay home with him.  I am so proud of her.  However, when she contacted the necessary people to tell them she was resigning to stay home with her child, one woman intentionally tried to shame her for doing that.  The woman said, "I worked full time while my children were growing up, and they are just fine."  I told my daughter that that poor woman obviously had her own guilty thoughts and wanted to put them off on her.  Everyone else she spoke to was very supportive.  My oldest daughter is a physician and her husband is a stay-at-home dad.  Each has their own system of taking care of their children and it makes me glad to see that all my grandchildren have a parent at home with them. 

While I don't always agree with everything you say, I definitely agree with the thought that EVERY child should have a parent at home with them full-time.  Thank you for all you do for families, and especially those precious children.

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