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Email of the Day

Each Morning I Choose to be In Love

Greetings Dr. Laura,

Here’s how we keep "sizzle" in the bedroom:

After 16 years of marriage, many things contribute to sexual excitement. First of all, my wife is hot!! In addition to the natural attraction, we do things to encourage intimacy. We touch each other frequently throughout the day: a gentle hug, a sweet (non-sexual) kiss, plenty of "I love you" comments, doing things to "honor" each other daily. To honor means to "highly value" and we both think of small ways that can be done each day - I make her coffee even though I don't drink it. She makes me lunch each day, and I drive home to enjoy it and her. I put her toothbrush and toothpaste on the counter. She sets a piece of fruit out for me to take to work and snack on mid-morning. I make the bed or start a load of wash when she least expects it. You get the idea - we do for each other.

I get excited when I see my wife in some state of undress or if she is seducing me. She needs the emotional connection all day long to kindle the fire of desire. Then we simply have fun and enjoy each other in intimate ways! It works for us! We hear comments all the time from people who say it is obvious we are still very much in love. Well, we are because we get up each morning and choose to be in love! I have to tell you, it is easy to love my sweet bride. I am one lucky man!


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