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Email of the Day

Each of Us Can Make a Difference

Dr. Laura,

I am grateful for my 13-year-old daughter, who is such a delight. I want to share a story with you as to why I am so grateful.

I went to her school one day to pick her up and while I was in the office waiting for her, her gym teacher looked at me and said, "You're ________'s mom, aren't you?" I said, "Yes?" He went on to say, "Well you know how teachers bust at the seams to tell a parent when their child does something wrong?" I said, "Yes?" He went to on say, "Well I am going to tell you what your kid did right today!" Her gym teacher told me they were doing some sort of a required run.  He said my daughter, who is the fastest girl at school, completed it in record time.  After she came over and sat down near him. She looked at him and asked, "Can I go run with Catherine?" (Catherine has a learning disability and is a little physically challenged.) He told her, "You have already finished your race." She responded, "I know, but I want to go run with her." So he told her to go ahead and he sat back to watch.  My daughter ran up to Catherine and started talking and encouraging her; saying things like, "You got this." "You can do it." "We're almost there." "I'm so proud of you."  Her teacher said Catherine not only finished the run, but beat her old time.

I sat there with tears flowing and he told me had my daughter not done this, Catherine would have given up and quit. He said, "You are doing something right at home and I will never forget that I got the honor of watching what I saw."


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