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Email of the Day


Hi Dr. Laura:

Back in April, I called you and you suggested I block my Mom's phone number and any member of my extended family who did not like my decisions.  I have maintained all those "blocks" because of your help and use of that one word:  ENDURANCE!  I know sometimes you think people don't always hear what you're telling them, but I was listening!  And every single day, I hear you saying to me - ENDURE!  And I just smile.

My life has changed dramatically for the better since April, all because I was able to be honest with myself and endure.  I had been trying to deal with the drama and now I have this amazing endurance to stay AWAY from the drama.  Even with Mother's Day coming and going, I was just fine.  I celebrated my Mother's Day with my own children, and it was the best one yet.  I wish I had been a listener of yours years ago because then I would have had my "block" party a lot sooner.  

Lastly, I've posted this on my wall - it's from Webster's Dictionary and it's the definition of endurance:  "the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina."  Thank you, Dr. Laura, and I hope you keep up YOUR endurance for people who don't listen carefully to what you say to them!


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Tags: Attitude, Relationships, Relatives, Stress, Values
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