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Letters From Listeners

Everything Changed

I feel that the the 60's culture that turned love into something it was not meant to be. I was a teen in the mid 60's. I was taught that sex was necessary to have and keep a relationship; but that was a lie.

I went through my whole life and had many failed relationships because of believing in this ideal.
 I learned that relationships only lasted until the sex became boring to my man. Then he would move on to someone or something else. Commitment was easily broken. I learned I was not respected and the family institution wasn't respected. No one cared how it effected the children. Their selfishness and desire for their own comfort was all that was important. 

It has only perpetuated further now days. Marriage is not respected. Many avoid it altogether because they know it doesn't mean anything to them. Living together for convenience is the goal. Dr. Laura, I wish you were around to guide me when I was young, I wish I was smart enough to follow your advice. I'm smart now but have wasted my early years of life. I didn't provide the best life for my three children because of my ignorance and bad choices. If I could go back and change it I would. I would hold intimacy as very special. I would not just give it away in hopes of keeping a relationship. Young women now days are even more misled into this false hope.

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