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Letters From Listeners

Excuses for 'Bad Behavior'

I am 1 of 11 children. My Dad was an alcoholic. I have seen things no child should see or live through. I learned from my experience.... MY NEW MOTTO...

Don't Blame the Past for your Future

I often speak about my past and I am not ashamed about any of it. I am very proud of where I am today, the person I have become, and where I am going. What I experienced taught me to change and NOT REPEAT behavior. I do not ever remember my mother telling me she loved me. I tell my son each and every time I speak to him. We never yell at each other (everyone yelled when I was growing up). We have "discussions" not ever with a raised voice. As I remember it from childhood... "Yelling means something bad will happen".... I don't do it nor like it....  

So I pass this motto on to others:  Don't Blame the Past for your Future!!!!!!

Thank you,


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