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Email of the Day

Families Stick Together

Dear Dr. Laura:

I saw your recent Facebook post about bickering siblings.  My parents didn't tolerate any behavior like that and there were six of us kids.  They ran a tight ship - a ship full of love, balanced with discipline.  

With my own two children, I've seen plenty of squabbles.  Sometimes I realized that I didn't need to run and rescue them.  At other times, I had to intervene and teach them how to deal with disagreement.  My husband has taught our son that his sister should be treated well and deserves his loyalty and protection.  Families stick together.

That doesn't mean we don't argue or have opposite points of view occasionally, but we have to find ways to deal lovingly with differences.  Our kids are now 19 and 16, and as a result of how we dealt with their bickering when they were younger, they spend a lot of time together, laughing and having fun.  Maturity and loving discipline cures a lot of youthful ills!

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