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Email of the Day

Finding My Place As 'Mommy'

At 13, my dad gave me your book "10 Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives."  I was very mature for my age, but still didn't know how this applied to me!  By my twenties, I was going down a path that I knew was wrong.  My husband and I had two kids, I was the primary bread winner, and my husband stayed home because I was a "STRONG WOMAN!"  I was more capable than my husband!

But then the recession hit, and I lost the business I owned.  My husband immediately stepped up as I tag-teamed with him back into the workforce.  We worked long hours on opposite shifts so the kids stayed out of daycare.  I told my husband about my desires to be a stay-at-home mom, and he told me to do it and we'd figure the money out.  But I doubted him and thought he could never do what I, a woman, could do.  I always thought I would have to work because I was smarter and better.  I was an awful wife.

That's when I read "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," and you put me in my place.  I cannot thank you enough!  I allowed my man to be a MAN, and he did not disappoint.  I finally stopped working, and he ended up getting promoted speedily to a position that not only enabled me to stay home, but to homeschool our kids, AND he bought us a new house.  All those years, I was the one holding our future back.  All those years, I missed precious time with our babies.  Now, I cherish every moment, and our marriage is stronger than over.  

Thanks to you, I subconsciously chose a man who treated me like a princess, even when I treated him like a frog.  Thankfully, we both grew into our intended roles and our children see a loving and affectionate marriage.  I thank my dad for always listening to you, and I thank YOU for showing me how to be a better mother and wife.



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