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Letters From Listeners

Fit & Healthy

This morning something that happened made me think of you. A lady came into my store at 5:30 am today, she had blonde hair and she was wearing spandex shorts.

She made me think of you because she was so fit. I know that you said you live in workout clothes, I thought of you. Everyone was giving her a look like, "what are you wearing?" I went up to her and said, "Good morning and you look amazing!"

She thanked me and told me she is 69-years-old. She told me that I made her day because most people just stair at her during this time of year, and don't say anything. I told her she is the type of person all us women should aspire to be fit and healthy! Anyway she reminded me of you so had to tell ya.

Have a great day!!


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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Eat Less-Move More, Health, Regarding Dr. Laura, Values
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