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Email of the Day

Five Ways I Feed My Husband

Hi Dr. Laura,

I've read your book, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,” and I listen to the podcast of your show every day. I've learned SO MUCH since I've made it a part of my morning routine to listen to your prior day's show. I am truly reaping what I'm sowing. If I HAD NOT read your book and listened to your show, I would not be doing the following:

1. Waking up with my husband two full hours before I have to in order to fix his coffee and his lunch, and gab a little bit before I give him a hug and a kiss as he walks out the door. If I have time, I'll even start his car and warm it up for him.

2. Send him (alternately) loving and racy messages throughout the day... He does the same for me.

3. Make it an absolute RULE for both of us to NEVER enter our bed at night with a stitch of clothing on.

4. Keep him lifted at all times, privately and publicly.

5. We laugh A LOT. Humor is a major part of our marriage, and I look forward to a lifetime of it.

My husband is the most precious person alive to me. He's a wonderful, loving, attentive and hard-working man who would kill or die for me. I can't imagine giving him a moment's thought to wonder if I'm really worth it.


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