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Email of the Day

Get to Know Each Other or Have a One-Night Stand?



Dr. Laura,

When we were dating, my now-husband introduced me to your show.  I have been a fan for 16 years now.

I often hear about shacking up and girls stating there are NOT a lot of guys out there who will wait to have sex until marriage.

Many years ago, when I went on my first date with my husband, he picked me up and before we even left my driveway I learned he was honest and straight-forward. He asked me what I was looking for from this date: a friendship and fun time, or a one-night stand. I was taken aback at first , not being used to that kind of guy. He told me the answer determined what kind of girl he was taking out. If it was a one night stand, he was not interested. I was shocked, but gained instant respect for him.  Never while we dated was it a question about either of our values and morals. (We did not shack up either).  I have learned so much from this man throughout the years and am a better wife because of him!

I have your book "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" and it describes what men need to a “T.”  When I feel myself slipping, I re-read it to bring me back to my senses!

To all those young ladies out there, there are "perfect" men;  you just have to "choose wisely and treat kindly"! Those words could not be any more true!

Dr. Laura, thanks for your impact on my husband when he was just a young man! 



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