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Letters From Listeners

"God Grant Me the Serenity..."



Dear Dr. Laura,

Thank you so much for your recent comments on alcoholism. I have been replaying those few minutes of your show over and over on my iPod and thinking about it very carefully. I am new in recovery with AA and have 104 days clean and sober. I am a medical professional, currently taking time off to get my head on straight so I can rejoin the "three-dimensional" society again (LOL) and continue my life's passion of helping others.

You are correct, it is a long road that I must do myself but with the help of others who share my problem, who have done it before me, and know how to do it correctly. I am taking responsibility for the chaos I've caused, not my "disease", and making restitution to those I have harmed. Thank you for the words "guts and courage" you said that we have when we decide to walk away from self-destruction. I've always wanted to say I displayed those characteristics and now I can, without reservation.

I walked into my home-group AA meeting last Monday morning, only to find out that one of our most beloved members had been found dead in his truck with empty alcohol bottles next to him. Other than that, we had no information on the exact reason of his death other than speculation. It hit our group very hard and it was a bitter reality to face, but I've done it sober. I had to remind myself of the first line of the Serenity Prayer that you so often refer to...."God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change - like other people, etc..." Alcoholics will choose to roll the dice and die from choosing to drink just one more time as we in AA are dying to help save those who really want to be saved. I grieve for his family who are suffering even more now.

You are correct and I agree, wholeheartedly, it is a choice not to drink. I've learned that my best thinking brought me a seat in AA and now my best thinking is transforming me into a woman who is courageous, gutsy, honest and is "doing the right thing".

Thank you for your wisdom,




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