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Letters From Listeners

Good For You!

Dear Dr. Laura,

I just got home from work. I didn't want to go to bed until I wrote to tell you how impressed I was when I listened to Monday's podcast. It was bad enough that you had the hassles of being tied up at the airport for that long period of time AND had to deal with that difficult couple.

You handled yourself very well. Good for you for standing up for what was right! I only wish that I was at that airport to see it first-hand. We could all use a lesson on how to handle situations like this.  

I go to NJ too to see my dad. It would have been awesome to be on the same plane with you; only, we fly out of San Diego. Let's just say that if we were on the same flight this past Sunday, I would have offered to buy you a cocktail for what you did. You are a true hero and a moral compass to all. I can only hope to be 1/2 as awesome as you when I get to be your age. Once again, great job!

Your fan,


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