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Good Mother: check, Good Wife: check, Good Girlfriend: priceless!
IconAt the age of 52, after 26 years of marriage, after 3 kids, after years of listening to you and reading your books, I am happy to tell you I am once again "my husband's girlfriend"... A couple of weeks ago, I had a "Dr. Laura moment"... I came to the realization I had definitely started to slack off in the girlfriend department. I asked myself, "Would I want to come home to me?" The answer was a very weak maybe to not so much... I looked at my very handsome, shark infected swimming, hard working, amazing father, provider, and husband; and said to myself, there are tons of women out there who would love to get a hold of this man. Well that was a very scary thought. I knew it was time to get into action! It started over the weekend...my husband got up on Sunday and told me he had to make the hour commute to go work. He had to meet with his staff and prepare for a big meeting on Monday. My first reaction would have been to whine about him working on the weekend, but I didn't do that, instead I asked him if he would like me to meet him in the city later and we could have dinner after he was done. Dr. Laura, you should have seen his face!!! He left with such a huge smile on his face.  Five minutes after he left the house he called me and ask if I would come in a little earlier because he could really use some help putting together his presentation. So I picked out a great outfit, got dressed, put on some makeup, got on the train and headed into the city. I stopped at his favorite bakery and picked up his favorite cupcake. He paraded me around the office, introducing me to his staff with a huge smile on his face the whole time. We worked in his office for a couple of hours then he took me to our favorite restaurant for a great meal. But wait it didn't end there...The next night when he got home from his very important presentation, I made him his favorite dinner and after dinner I had a bath ready for him, complete with candles! We had a very "special" evening... The next night when he came home from work, he came straight to the kitchen and gave me a big hug and kiss. Later that night he hugged me again and told me, "I couldn't stop thinking of you all day, after 26 years you still turn me on!" Priceless!!!! Thanks for reminding me everyday, not to take our MEN for granted! A very happy Wife
Tags: Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Marriage, shark infested waters, Women's Point of View
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