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Letters From Listeners

Got My 'Happy' Back

Dr. Laura:

I wanted to say thank you for giving me my 'happy' back. A few weeks ago, you started out your show with your topic stating that if people would just do this one thing; the divorce rate would be less than 1%. The problem with marriage these days is a result of us women. I think at this moment my mouth dropped open and I looked at the person in the car next to me as I drove home, wondering if they just heard what you said. I was certainly intrigued with where you might be going so I continued to listen. You referenced John F. Kennedy and his famous speech, "ask not what you can "......, etc. You said we should apply that to our marriage, every day.

I don't know what else was said the rest of your show that day, because all of the sudden, the combination of your words from that segment lit me up like a bulb. I started to think about all the things that I do and get upset at with regards to my husband. What if the tables were turned? Would I stay and put up with him doing that to me? I woke up the next morning and just kept repeating to myself "what can I do for my marriage today". The first thing was to smile for myself - smile, be happy.  Then the next day, "what can I do for my marriage today". Each day this task felt refreshing and happy to me.

It's like giving up extra pounds on my body that were never needed in the first place. Little things that I felt I didn't need to do for my husband I have started doing I am just talking about rubbing his arm when we watch TV - he doesn't ask me to do this, I just know he likes it. But before, I always felt there had to be something in it for me like a tit for tat kind of thing. I continue to wake up each morning thinking "what can I do for my marriage today"; and I have to say it is spreading more and more into my being as a person.  

I applaud you for this segment because it changed my life and I just wanted to say - THANK YOU.


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