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Email of the Day

He Took The Lead

Dr. Laura:

My wonderful husband is the reason I want MORE children, and months ago, this was NOT an option.  Prior to our son's arrival, I had plans, schedules, and everything organized.  I learned very quickly that babies laugh at that planning!  I wanted to breastfeed.  It didn't work out.  I wanted to sleep.  THAT was worth a giggle.  I wanted our son to sleep.  He fought it.  These things I "wanted" triggered a post-partum anxiety that led to no emotional connection to our son, no appetite to assist with milk production, and lack of interest in daily activities.  After three straight days of crying, my husband pulled out our book from the many preparation classes we had taken and pointed to each and every sign of post-partum anxiety and depression.

HE called our obstetrician, got me an appointment, and scheduled a pedicure/massage for me afterward.  After working all day, he eagerly grabbed our son so I could run an errand, take a walk, or simply sit on our porch.  The first few months of our son's life, I learned a lot about myself, but I mostly learned that I had chosen wisely.  I chose a husband who picked me up at my rock bottom and encouraged me to be the Mom he knew I could be.  He put his sleep deprivation aside to take the night shift once a week as my obstetrician suggested. 

We will be celebrating our son's first birthday soon, and we are considering HIS first birthday OUR celebration for making it through those "survival mode" months.  We will also be trying for baby #2 this summer.  Thank you for all your advice!


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