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Email of the Day

Helping Me To Live A Better Life

Dear Dr. Laura:

Three years ago, I was married to a verbally and physically abusive alcoholic.  My life was so dark and bleak, I thought the only way out would be the day he would kill me.  My best friend told me about your show.  I started listening two years ago, subscribed to your podcast and read "Bad Childhood, Good Life" and "10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives."  My friend and I would spend hours talking about your callers and how certain ones applied to OUR lives.

You gave me the courage to leave my husband and never look back.  The odds were against me, as my parents divorced when I was 13, and my mother set terrible examples for me.  She was promiscuous and didn't even want me calling her "mom" in public.  She was also an alcoholic.  Your wise words helped mold me into the conservative, moral person I am now.  Every decision I have made has improved my life.  I pay attention to red flags that I never even saw before, and have not dated since the divorce, as I'm still not quite ready to do so.  

Not only am I alive and happy, but I pass your sage words to family and friends as well.  Despite the obstacles I had in my life, I made it!! I was among the small percentage of women who leave abusive marriages for good!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and so many others.

Much love,

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