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Letters From Listeners

Holding my Tiny Baby

The first time I held my baby girl, I felt more alive than I had ever felt before in my life. It was almost like life had just begun for both of us. I had no fear, no stress, no hesitation, just pure joy. I felt the overwhelming presence of God and extreme peace. I felt like whatever struggles in life I went through, this "reward" would always outweigh those. I did not want the moment to end because I was not sure if I would ever get it back. However, when my sweet boy was born ... there was God holding me and the overwhelming breathlessness and peace once again. That joy was returned again when I held my beautiful grandson for the first time. It was like God was telling me, "Now, you are truly blessed!" Then came my granddaughter. Being in the room and watching my daughter give birth to her daughter was almost too much. It was as if the air was sucked out of the room (in a good way) and we were all moving in slow motion. I almost felt faint with joy. As if, God was our only air ... all consuming.
I always have felt truly blessed by my two babies. Now, I am doubly blessed by my two grandbabies. I AM my kiddos Momma and my grandkiddos Gram-grams!

Thank you, Dr. Laura for taking a stand for REAL WOMEN everyday!

Blessings and Hugs,


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