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Letters From Listeners

How I Got the SENSE to Leave!

You have asked for emails on HOW those of us in abusive relationships finally LEFT. goes...

I was extremely naïve, having come from a home where Dad was the protector, defender and made numerous sacrifices for his family.  I ASSUMED all men were that way. STUPID.

So, for SIX YEARS, I tolerated one disrespectful behavior after another, believing if I just loved him enough... he would change.

HE DIDN'T. But I did...

I went from happy and optimistic to miserable and angry...

Everyone was worried about me but no one had the guts to tell me THE TRUTH... I was PLAYING THE FOOL.

Then I had SENSE ENOUGH to call you and you set me straight -- read me the riot act and told me to LEAVE NOW... UNFORTUNATELY I didn't -- it took another 6 months but your words rang TRUE and so in the end, I followed your advice. 

Slowly the cloud lifted and I can see a bright future once again.

I have learned a lot and NEXT TIME I will pick a man with character...I just wish I had called you earlier.

Thanks for all you do!!!


Tags: Abuse, Adultery, Affairs, Bad relationships, Dating, Marriage
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