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Email of the Day

How Men Feel Accepted

Dr. Laura,

I tell men and women that, of all the women who post their opinions about how men think, you, Dr. Laura, are light years ahead of your competition. I came across an old blog of yours recently, and this excerpt is a clear example of that:

"...this is the measure that men have of how much we love them -- whether we're willing to accept them (literally) into our bodies, whether we're willing to open up to them -- this is how men register that their woman loves them."

You would think that this is an easy enough concept to grasp, but I am constantly amazed at how few women truly understand this. If you tell a wife this, often you get disbelief, and sometimes even scorn, that her man could think this way!

For men, sex IS how they feel accepted and loved, and conversely, when a woman consistently rejects a man sexually, she is telling him she doesn't love him.  This flipside seems to be equally confusing for women to understand.

You are exactly right, Dr Laura...and you rock!


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