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Letters From Listeners

How to Dump a Baby at Day Care
I found these responses to a post on Facebook which is labeled as a "mommy" site. A mommy asking for 'advice' on how to leave her 4-month old baby without guilt so she can go back to work:

Tiffany's Question: Working moms: I'm heading back to work in 2.5 weeks and I'm already having a hard time with it. I'm lucky enough to have my mom come to my house to watch my baby, but I know I'm still going to break down that week or weeks just being away from him. How did you all cope??? Please tell me your little one adjusted well. I'm afraid he will be totally thrown off. He will be 4.5 months when I go back.

• Sarojini I have a digital picture frame with lots of pics my baby. My nanny and my husband always send me pictures as well. It was tough the first week, but it does get better. My baby was 8 weeks when I went back to work and adjusted fine. Her routine was the same whether or not I was there, which is no routine.  Hope that helps and good luck!

• Jahnava For the first week, I made my husband take vacation and bring me the baby at lunch. Baby still went to the sitter's house three times that week, but I had him at lunch every day.

• Tiffany glad to know it gets better. I'm going to see if I can use some vacation time to do half days for the first week. My son isn't on a super tight schedule either, but I noticed that when other people watch him he doesn't nap or eat as well.

• Jenelle My daughter went to day care at 2 months old. I cried on the way to work. As moms we think that our kids can't be away from us, that they wont be ok. The truth is, I think we need them. It is harder for us as parents to leave our children. My daughter was just fine and in good hands. It did help that I would receive pictures of her throughout my day. It does get easier. You still miss them every moment, but you learn to deal with it better.

• Valerie Mine was 4 months when I went back to work. The 1st day was the WORST!  I went on my lunch break to drop off milk and my day care lady answered the door with my LO in her arms hysterical! Needless to say, she LOVES it now and is in a great mood when I drop her off I've got tons of pictures of her in my office and whenever I'm feeling separated from her, I just text my day care lady and ask for a picture. She's more than happy to do it.

• Sarojini How far does your mom live from work? If possible you could have her bring your baby during lunch some times. I think that would help.

• Tiffany lots of pictures will help. My house is 20 min drive from work. That is a great idea about lunch dates. I agree it will be harder for me then him. I'm going to miss seeing his smiley face each time he wakes from naps and bringing him into my bed in the mornings. I guess that will be something to look forward to.


These women's children will be the next generation of Dr. Laura callers. Incredible ignorance towards child development; sad, sad.

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