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Email of the Day

Husbands Are NOT Burdens


I was blessed to be given your book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands as a wedding present.  My wonderful husband and I were several months into our marriage when I finally read it and let me tell you, our marriage abruptly took a turn for the better!

I had fallen into the stereotype of how a wife should act.  I would come home from work and say that I was too tired for sex...I LOVE having sex with my man, but somehow society brainwashed me into thinking that a tired wife should not put out for her husband!  I thought, "I've worked so hard making other people happy all day, why should I have to come home and take care of him too?" Looking back, I cannot believe what a selfish and yet also self-destructive thought this was!

In the media, there are only two types of sex portrayed: 1) passionate and exciting premarital sex with near-strangers and 2) begrudging sex where women deign to give in to their needy husbands.  I found myself entrapped in this sophistry.  After reading your book, I discovered that having a loving husband is not the "burden" that gossip groups, sitcoms, and feminists tell you it should be.  My husband is wonderful, and I love that he finds me desirable.  Three years later, I have never turned my husband down for sex and I never will.

Ever since I got my act together, my husband is the confident man he deserves to be.  He feels safe with me, knowing that I will never reject him. Not only am I paid back with satisfying sex, but he does everything in his power to make me happy!  NOTHING works better for improving a marriage than improving yourself!
Thank you for your inspiring and sometimes stinging words!  They have helped me become the wife I should be and they have helped me have the marriage I always wanted!


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