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Letters From Listeners

I Have to Get Creative to Exercise

I have enjoyed the encouragement of the other e-mails on making time to exercise. I thought I'd throw out a few of my own. Maybe it will get others thinking creatively.

I am a farmer and mother of 4 "kids"...19-25. I homeschooled when they were very young. I had to wake up early to walk/run with the dog for exercise and sanity while my husband was still in the house. Later, we all swam so I could get a nap after they were worn out! These days, they are in college classes or working. I have more freedom, but also more farm work. During harvest time, I have to trade swimming for spreading manure on the pastures. I just work to keep my heart rate up. I also found that when possible, I plan ahead to bike to places. I trade the time I would have had to drive for part of my workout. That way I only have to find maybe 25 minutes to get an hour's worth of workout! Nice trade, and it saves me fuel!

Oh, yea, and I am 53. I have had 2 knee surgeries from injuries, so biking is easier on my joints. I am so grateful that I can move and balance!


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