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Email of the Day

I Let Go of the Disney Romances
IconDear Dr. Laura, I have been married over two years now and have a six month old daughter. Before I got married, my friend gave me your book "The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands". After I read it, I began listening to you everyday. The first year of our marriage was much easier than it could have ever been due to your book and listening to your radio show. At first it was hard to let go of those so called "Disney Romances" to which I expect my life to be. Your book helped me to realize that in order to be happily married, I had to do my part to make my husband happy and everything else fell into place. Those things are so simple they seem stupid, but they make such a difference to my marriage that I cannot imagine a happy marriage without them. I thank you for writing it and allowing my husband and me to enjoy a good marriage in every way. Just yesterday, my husband came home for lunch. I had a surprise waiting for him. I tricked him by dressing in my nasty cleaning clothes, so that when I greeted him he had no idea what I had in store for him. I had our baby happily occupied and I lured him to our room where I promptly show him the special lingerie I had hidden under my grungy clothes. It was a very delightful experience. When he left to return to school, he couldn't express enough love to me and kept saying, "I'm married to the best woman on the planet." I am the best wife on the planet thanks to you, Dr. Laura. I cannot express enough how much you have changed my life and brought so much love and happiness to my life. Thank very much. S.
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