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Email of the Day

I Like Being Short
IconI just heard the call from the girl who was tired of being picked on because she was short. I am not too short (5'4), but my husband and my kids are. My kids have never been picked on (at least not for long,) because early on, they knew all of the advantages that come with being short. For instance: We always have leg room on the airplane. When we pack to go on vacation, there is room on the car to take all our stuff. (From my athletic soccer player) I have a lower center of gravity I can make faster cuts on the field. (From my cross-country runner) I can run a 10K in 50 minutes, what can you do? People always ask the tall people to get things they can't reach, no one ever asks me to pick things up because I am closer to the ground. God knew I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I grow up. I have such a big personality that, if I were any taller, it would be overwhelming to most people. And for the people who just won't quit being annoying: It's kinda cute, don't you think? (and if they say "no", tilt your head, look at them quizzically, like you can't believe they won't agree with you, shrug your shoulders and walk away) I can't do anything about my height, but I can do something about my muscles, wanna challenge me to a push-up contest? (My kids can do anywhere between 40 and 60, and their chin touches the ground too!) It's a disguise. At night, I'm a supermodel. Cool, huh? When God handed out brains, I got in line twice. You must have gotten in the tall line twice. Francoise
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