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Email of the Day

I Thought Going Back to Work Was the Answer

I read your blog about single income families being able to survive in today's world.  That's us. We've got 3 kids under five, my husband makes $60,000 a year and we just bought a house.

It can be done.

I sent your blog to a friend of mine who plans to go back to her high-demand job after having her first kid in July of next year. She may or may not like me anymore after reading the blog, but I'm willing to take that chance.

Recently, I was suffering from postpartum depression and thought it was because staying at home was too hard. I thought going back to work was the answer. I started looking for jobs and everything. I even got an interview. But as I was contemplating going over my resume and thinking about what to wear to my interview, I thought about actually getting up in the morning, leaving the house, and dropping my children off in someone else's care.

The thought, and the reality it might soon come true, made me feel physically sick. My stomach was actually churning at the thought. So I knew that wasn't the way forward. Instead I invested in some better vitamins!  I'm feeling good now and am back on track as a stay-at-home mom.

Your encouragement always rings in my ear.

Thank you,


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