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Email of the Day

I Want My Title to Be MOM

Dr. Laura,

Today I want to take a second to thank you for all you do! As of today I will be turning in my resignation to my boss so I can be "my kid's mom"! I was listening to you the other day and I know I've heard it over and over, but it really sunk in, "You can't do it all.  If you have a job, someone else is raising your kids and sooner or later your husband will have someone else being his wife." Your words rang in my head and haven't left.

Lately I've been reminded of just how fragile life is, with a friend passing away from colon cancer a month after diagnosis.  This is a huge reminder that if I died tomorrow, I wouldn't want to be remembered as an "Office Manager" or a "Bookkeeper." I would want to be remembered as being dedicated to my children as their mom and to my husband as his girlfriend. I've been caught up with titles and I let go of the most important one: "MOM".

I've been told, by many people close to me that "It's just four hours a day" or "You're going to regret losing this job," and unfortunately, I've listened. The statement that stuck with me the most was said on the first day of my job. I went in with tears in my eyes because I had never left my son alone with anyone except family and I was told by my boss "It's good for your son and good for you." Those words hurt more than anything else because I know that our moms of this generation don't realize they are the most important people in their children's lives and they are leaving their kids so they can go have a "title".

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for always speaking the truth, putting your best foot forward to protect kids, and giving moms the kick in the pants to do the job they applied for when they got pregnant! My child will from now on have a mom and will never have to be ripped out of my arms crying because he doesn't want to be at the babysitter's. I will no longer have to cry or be told that "it's good" to leave my son with someone who's not me! I will forever be "My Kid's Mom"! Please keep preaching and nagging the words that need to be heard!


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