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Letters From Listeners

I Was Mesmerized

I took the day after Christmas for me and had wanted to check out a movie you suggested, 'Words and Pictures'. I never sit through a home movie without pausing it to get something to drink or nibble on, but I was unable to leave this one.

I was so mesmerized by the messages, the acting and the beauty, that I found myself wishing that I could discuss it with you. I spent many years battling alcohol. I found that part of the movie was excruciating; I was actually begging him out loud not to do it, not to destroy and waste his incredible gifts! I sat sobbing for a good while after.

I have never called in to the show. However, I listen regularly and learn SO MUCH!. Please continue to share the movies you find worthwhile.

Thanks for being you.

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Tags: Attitude, Mental Health, Movie Review, Regarding Dr. Laura, Response to a Comment, Stress
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