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Email of the Day

If I Could Do Anything for One Day

I am a 48 year old mother of two wonderful teenagers, 17 and 19. I work full time now after 18 years of being a stay-at-home mom. If I could do anything for just one day, I would go back in time to a summer day when my kids were young and I was home with them.

I miss just spending time with them, talking to them, being with them, the smell of them.  For one more day, I would hold their hands when we go for a walk. For one more day I would sit on the couch with their heads on my lap, play with their hair and watch a Disney movie. We would dig holes in the sand, build enormous Lego spaceships, swing on the swings and at night, I would read them some books, tuck them in like a "papoose", cuddle with them, tickle them and kiss them goodnight.

My kids are teenagers now, so when they hold my hand, it's in "secret" for fear their friends will see them. Disney has been replaced by homework and friends.  They don't dig holes in the sand anymore; they would rather boogie board at the beach. The Legos are sitting up in our attic. I no longer read to them, as they read their own books, and they usually go to bed after I do, so there is no tucking in (although there is always a kiss goodnight).

I appreciate that my little babies have blossomed into kind and caring young adults, and I know they still love me and need me. Sometimes I miss them so much it hurts.

One day to do anything...that is my wish - that is what I would do. I do realize though, that in about 10-15 years, I will get to do this with my grandchildren. This makes my heart sing!

Yet, I would still give anything for that ONE more day!


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