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Email of the Day

Ignored By Mom

I live in Silicon Valley and left a lucrative career in venture capital sixteen years ago when my oldest son was born.  Being a daughter of two working parents and essentially raised by my grandmother and daycare, I wanted something different for MY children.  My husband created a career for himself where he could succeed financially to keep me home full-time with our three children.

I am surrounded by full-time working moms, who brag about their second homes, new cars, and fancy vacations.  They complain about how exhausting motherhood is, how they don't get along with their husbands, how their careers come first and take all their time and energy.  I've been able to find a few good, like-minded friends who have been my saving grace in an incredibly materialistic and career-focused area.  I'm saddened when I see children I know spend long hours in daycare, only to go home to be ignored by their parents (if they even ARE home, since many often travel for work).  Your program has helped me keep my sanity in this crazy world and I'll be forever grateful for your wisdom.


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