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Letters From Listeners

I'm Blessed

I loved today's email from the mom who talked about creative strategies that she and her husband use to enable her to be home with her kids. My husband and I have had to get creative too.

I was always the higher-earning partner, so when my son was a baby, my husband cut back his schedule . He worked opposite my full-time schedule so we had no need for daycare. I hated being away from my baby so much, so we scrimped and saved so eventually we could reverse the situation.

Now that my son is in school, I have taken a huge pay cut to work as a "lunch lady" in order to have a school-based job that matches my son's school schedule. This has involved tremendous financial sacrifices.  What counts is that we have no debt and I'm more available for my son. I'm blessed that my husband and I are on the same page about the priorities for our family.

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