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Email of the Day

I'm Glad That I Made The Right Choices

Dr. Laura:

My husband and I worked hard during the last months of my first pregnancy eleven years ago so I could stay home after the baby was born.  We even sold our boat and extra vehicle so money wouldn't be an issue.  I've been a stay-at-home mom since that time and have never regretted it.  

When my youngest went off to kindergarten three years ago, I started an online business so I could still be there for homework and afternoon snacks and playtime.  I think many women go back to work after they become mothers because they are scared at the prospect of taking on a full-time job (that is, motherhood) for which they never had any training.  The inherent concerns of motherhood and the "mommy-shaming" that occurs these days keeps women running back to jobs they DO know how to do and that they feel competent doing!  After all, they've had years of training for those jobs.  I wish more women would have the confidence in themselves and their natural maternal instincts, regardless of how other women operate as mothers.

My husband and I enjoyed our twenties, I gave my kids my thirties, and as I prepare to enter a new decade of my life this month, I'm glad I made the choices I did.  I have a successful business that I can focus on from 8 AM to 3 PM every day AND I have two happy, well-adjusted kids because I wasn't trying to do it all.  Thanks so much for helping all families everywhere who choose to follow your wisdom!

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