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Letters From Listeners

I'm Now Doing the Right Thing

Dr. Laura,

I wish I had known you since I was 14, I would have avoided so many mistakes and probably would be living a different life from the one I am. I have been listening to you for 5 years now.  You have helped me so much, although I know by experience that having a bad childhood/parents will take more than 5 years of Dr. Laura to reach the maturity that I should have according to my age due to all those wasted years doing the wrong thing.

I live in Scotland now and am a Brazilian of Japanese descendant. I am suffering because I wasn't able to provide my daughter an intact family. Her dad is on his way to his third marriage and we had a huge fight as I was trying to protect my daughter. I was enraged as he let his girlfriend sleep in the house when my daughter was there and now they are shacking up.  I was told by him to mind my own business and to re-think my ideas as they were wrong. I haven't let my daughter go to her dad's house so far, but I know I am just prolonging the inevitable.

He thinks you live in the past and when I was married to him, I would probably have believed him, but thanks to you and the person I am now, I don't anymore. Thanks to you I know I'm doing the right thing by not dating and only raising my daughter. I also know I'm doing the right thing because I see it on my daughter's face. Her smile is all I care for and the bond we have is something amazing. Thanks to you I have the happiest daughter in the world.  My ex acknowledges she is the happiest girl in the world, but cannot connect that to me and you. Although I never met or talked to you, you are the person who I turn to when I need some guidance and assurance.

Thank you.

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