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Email of the Day


Dear Dr. Laura,

I started listening to you in my early twenties during a time in which I agreed with very little of your daily messages. I was a shack-up honey, with a fairly feminist point of view. I knew my husband-to-be would not be able to support our lifestyle alone and fully expected that one day I would have children who went to day care. My parents displayed a poor example of marriage, so the biggest influences regarding relationships were my girlfriends who were also in their early twenties. As you can imagine I only learned other bad behavior such as, men need to be “trained,” and how to whine to get what you need out of a relationship. Nonetheless, I enjoyed tuning in to your program to hear what was going on in other people's lives and to try to guess what your advice would be. I remember thinking many of your solutions were impossibly difficult, or that people’s problems weren’t that black and white.

Fortunately for me, I kept listening. I listened and I found myself agreeing with you more and more.

My first marriage ended after only two years and thankfully in the absence of any children. While I was single I read your books 10 Stupid Thing Women Do To Mess up Their Lives and The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. I continued listening to your program, and found myself not only agreeing with your message, I quoted you to others. I lent my books to those who needed them, and even gave away The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands as wedding shower gifts.

Today I am a 35 year old, happily married, stay-at-home mother of three terrific daughters. I am LIVING MY DREAM LIFE and it’s because of your advice. I am cherished by my husband and kids. It is black and white. I treat the people around me well, I cut off contact with those who are destructive, I do the right thing each day.

If it weren’t for you:

I wouldn’t be my kids' mom.

I wouldn’t be my husband’s girlfriend.

I wouldn’t be completely prepared to look like a crazy person to protect my kids.

I wouldn’t be prepared to stand up to those who hurt others.

I wouldn’t be the tender and nurturing, yet tough cookie, matriarch of my family.

Late one evening, my husband and I were chatting in the kitchen. That night he gave me the biggest compliment of my life. He said if he had to describe me with just one word, it would be "integrity". Dr. Laura, I share that compliment with you, as you taught me how to live my life with integrity.

I am forever grateful to you for the lessons you have taught me.


P.S. I have told my husband a number of times, if anything ever happens to me, I want him to raise the girls listening to you and to read with them 10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess up Their Lives at least three times before they turn 18!

Lastly, I lost my father eight years ago, and my mother 7 months ago, so I’d just like you to know that I have officially adopted you as my surrogate mother. Just thought you should know!

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