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Email of the Day

Investing In My Family

Last year, I was 27, married for one year, and I was a bitchy, nagging wife.   My husband and I argued constantly.  We love each other, and I thought we had good communication, but I didn't listen when he expressed his simple needs and wants as a man and husband.  He gave, and I took.  When I suffered a miscarriage, I became depressed and was even more awful to my husband.

A month later, I borrowed my parents' car, and they have SiriusXM.  Your show was on the air when I turned it on.  I listened for the entire three hours and was in tears because I realized that not only was I a bad wife, but I was also a worker in a daycare center, and I was burnt out.  I hated my job, the people I worked with and the corporate politics, but I loved children and felt I was there for a purpose.  After listening to you, I realized I couldn't work in an environment I didn't respect and one in which I would never put my own child.  Never.

I went home, subscribed to your podcast, bought "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" AND "The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage" and haven't missed a single show since.  I'm now 28, happily married and am my husband's girlfriend.  I quit my job at the daycare and haven't looked back since.  When I prepare dinner every night, my husband is proud when I tell him how much I love my protector and alpha male!  We walk to the farmers' market every weekend, and each time, he buys me a bouquet of flowers.  We're not pregnant yet, but we are using this time to bond with each other, so we'll be terrific parents when the time comes.


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