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Email of the Day

I've Got a New Attitude

I've been listening to your program since I was too young to retain anything besides your "I've Got a New Attitude" theme song!  My mom was a stay-at-home mom and between listening to you and having her at home, I didn't even realize that moms did anything beside stay at home and raise their children.  We all now have your podcast, which I listen to every day.

I am proud to say I am 23 years old, supporting myself, and not shacking up like many of my friends are.  When they ask me for advice, they now will ask for my "Dr. Laura" advice, because I quote you frequently, and I give it to them in a straightforward, no-nonsense way.  I am excited to get married and have kids, so I can also be a stay-at-home mom and be my kids' mom and my husband's girlfriend. 

I have already told my parents I expect to get The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands as a wedding gift, to which my dad responded that he didn't think I needed it, because of how much I listen to you and apply your wisdom to my life already.  I plan to read it anyway.  My life has been impacted in such a positive way because of you, and my non-"beautiful," non-snowflake children's lives will be as well.


Remember that you can either read "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," or you can take my video course based on the book.  To find out more about the course, go to marriage one oh one dot com.
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